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Big Eyes Boy (大眼仔)

Mr.BIG aka BigEyesBoy

It is of course impossible for humans to perceive what an insect sees. But we think that a compound eye, consisting of 2 to 30 000 lenses will project a sort of mosaic picture. In most cases the compound eyes will see only form and movements, but the dragonfly, who has to catch his prey in flight, undoubtedly must have a detailed view of his near surroundings.

With its two enormous compound eyes, each made of 30 000 lenses and the additional single eyes, the dragonfly is very well adapted to its predatory and active life.

Insect eyes can change considerably between the larval and the adult stage.

When you look into the details of the compound insect eye, there are many differences when you compare them with our eyes. But amazingly there is a very close resemblance between the genes that control the development of eyes in a house fly and in man, making it a little bit easier to understand the many times that eyes developed independently in different classes of animals. Other sets of control genes cause the differences between animal groups. (A gene is a stretch of DNA in a cell nucleus with the information, necessary to make enzymes, the proteins that regulate all cell functions. Control genes regulate other genes, by switching them on and off).

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