Mt. Namcha Barwa, originally uploaded by Luo Shaoyang.

Mt. Namcha Barwa

南迦巴瓦峰 摄于从拉萨飞往成都的飞机上那是我迄今为止最为兴奋的一次飞行 飞机从拉萨起飞后不久 我们就穿入了云层之上 仿佛在天堂里旅行 我不仅看到了延绵的喜马拉雅山脉而且看到了雄伟的南迦巴瓦峰 后来又看到了金沙江 四姑娘山和家乡四川盆地的轮廓 这次飞行使我有机会一览中国最壮美的河山 江山多娇

The Namcha Barwa (7782m/25,445ft.) in the back and the Gyala Peri in the front (7294m) are a pair of mountain peaks that flank the Tsangpo Gorge where the Yarlung Tsangpo river descends from the Tibetan Plateau in a deep and narrow valley. Behind the mountains of eastern Tibet. I took this photo from aircraft. Best view in large vision

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