Hello Friends & Fans

I have been looking for opportunity in Asia China in particularly.


As per my vision in the 80’s; 90’s & the 2000’s Land based prosperity & the 2nd waves economy shall be replaced by the 3rd waves economy.

No one on earth can escape the melt down of the US yet another 2nd hump of the great depression& recession.

China currently under high inflations rates & high pressure on land based prosperity bubble.

If the  bubble busted from China, then the whole world would be in the economy dark age!!

In addition; with the issues of global Warming & Green House Effects it make the lives on earth more suffering than ever.

The only way for the world to get out of the deep depressions &  recessions of the world  is for the leaders’ who have the

ability to lead the 3rd Wave economy to come out to lead!!

The conventional governing model of the past; be it corporation’s or country  would no longer working for the 3rd wave economy.
The new model call for Virtue; Ethics; Wisdom; Compassionate; believes; & Culture!!

As our great teacher thought us in the “Dao De Qing” everything Converged to Dao after 200+years of  the rise & fall of British Empire & the United State

economy supper power!!