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Freaking 46 pics in Explore…..Power lah Mendis!, originally uploaded by *Damselfly*.


This great collections by *Damselfly, a great artist & member on

The images are by mendis , a rising star & member on

High Wind Garda Windsurfing, originally uploaded by gardawind.


This great shot by gardawind, a great artist & member on


A BASKET FULL OF SPRING, originally uploaded by brynmeillion.


This great shot by brynmeillion, a great artist & member on

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Your photos - My Favorites

This great colection by JRodrigues , an artist & member on

golden summer, originally uploaded by tony’s pics.


This great shot by tony’s pics, a great artist & member on

The following is what my flickr friend’s experiences of late.

” The maximum I got in. We have a convenience store in the U.S. called 7-11 We stop there on occasion to get a coke, just in and out… That is how my pictures show on” Explore: convenience store.”

I never get more than 11. They drop to 7, over the week end between 1-6..LOL! Just a convenience store.. in and out very fast..LOL! Have a great weekend! XOXOXOXO

I am not add any music to it… it is just not worthed..LOL!”

Well I have been experiencing the bared from appearing in explore!! These is very amazing that for the reason that their own such un-professional act have been done by so call the “team” or the “gangs”.

<b>Culture & art is not determine by someone or gang think that they are the god of the service provider.</b>

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My advise to Yahoo Senoir management team is

Get the Yahoo Photos Beta launch for the customers’ & steamline the image business segment altogether before it is too late!!

Zero Contacts – G.H. Act!!, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.


What Kind of flickr Services & ethic on!!

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These should be the interest of Yahoo stacks’ holder’s!!

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Heavens Light on Dove, originally uploaded by cgmh86.

A great shot from Calvin my contact on

iceberg, originally uploaded by jeffsen.

By jeffsen my contact on