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The following is what my flickr friend’s experiences of late.

” The maximum I got in. We have a convenience store in the U.S. called 7-11 We stop there on occasion to get a coke, just in and out… That is how my pictures show on” Explore: convenience store.”

I never get more than 11. They drop to 7, over the week end between 1-6..LOL! Just a convenience store.. in and out very fast..LOL! Have a great weekend! XOXOXOXO

I am not add any music to it… it is just not worthed..LOL!”

Well I have been experiencing the bared from appearing in explore!! These is very amazing that for the reason that their own such un-professional act have been done by so call the “team” or the “gangs”.

<b>Culture & art is not determine by someone or gang think that they are the god of the service provider.</b>

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My advise to Yahoo Senoir management team is

Get the Yahoo Photos Beta launch for the customers’ & steamline the image business segment altogether before it is too late!!

Zero Contacts – G.H. Act!!, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.


What Kind of flickr Services & ethic on!!

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These should be the interest of Yahoo stacks’ holder’s!!

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fly me to the moon, originally uploaded by Kris Kros.


This great shot by Kris Kros, my friend & a member on

Mini, originally uploaded by ovnito.

By my friend ovnito

Totem Pole at Sunrise, originally uploaded by Kathleen Andersen.

Another great shot from Kathleen.

Blue Anchor Inn, originally uploaded by welshlady.

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SecretWhispers, originally uploaded by amsabri.

Amsabri is a new fan of mine.

She is abstract Imaging Artist.

般若波罗蜜多心经, originally uploaded by Wang HL.










Chedi Chedi Chedi

Parami Buddho Chedi

Parami Dhammo Chedi

Parami Sangkho Chedi

Buddhisvathva OM!!

Satu!! Satu!! Satu!!

dancers, originally uploaded by 尽在不言中.

Excellence In Color!!

Life is Green, originally uploaded by Maggie’s World.

The chinese people like to plant vegetable for their own consumption.

I believe these vegetable are not planted on the big lot.

Most of them plant their vegetable on a container especially in Shanghai China.